~Dance Is Me. . .

. . . I'm Just A Dancer Waiting For My Music To Stop . . . Just A Student, Waiting for My Career To Start . . . I'm Just Me, Waiting For My Dreams To Become My Reality. . . =]

#Repost!  @hair_mob_illustriouzhair DEFINITELY hooked my hair up! Love it!!
Whoooooo Did This?? Lmboooooooo!
My Little Sister Actually Look Like A Model, Idk Why She Had On Those Boots Though. Lol @___kayyyyy
I Swear This Is My Lifeeee! #Lazy
#BIGCONGRATS To My Big Cousin @tevindurant34 … He Will DEFINITELY Be In The Nba Soon!  #ProudFam #Nba #BigCousin #LoveYou!!
#Regram from @vanillanilla_ … Lmbooooo!!! The Booty Flake Though?
Talking To Diamond About Dropping Out Of School.. Lmbo!!  @diamonds_agbf
I’m New To This.. Super Confused. But Hey, Find Me! :-)
Anyone Can Grab A Preacher And Get Married Within 15 Minutes.. But Actually Being Married Is The Actual Achievement. Working Through Problem, Admitting Faults, And Letting Go Of Your Pride Is Marriage.. #FoodForThought #ImNotMarriedThough
I Love This Movie. This Is Definitely How It Should Be!